Helpful packing and unpacking techniques for your moving day

Packing and unpacking are two main processes of relocation of office or home. Because the whole process of moving to depend on packing and unpacking. Until packing is done transportation of goods couldn’t begin. Moreover, the experience to be smooth is also dependent on careful packing to begin moving and unpacking to end the process.
Besides, the importance of these processes is believed even the tougher part of moving. So smart packing is whole the idea that makes unpacking super easy.
Rapid packer being the best moving company in the state of UAE (Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, Ajman, and Sharjah) provide you ideas and guide to simplify the process.

Well, relocation is not less than a nightmare, which may involve stress. many
people don’t do proper planning and get fed up with all important to avail new techniques for packing and unpacking to keep goods safe. So rapid mover and packer offer the best and quick packing techniques. Rapid packer’s professional workers know how to streamline the tasks. We also provide you few tips to serve you in a better way.

Tips For Packing and unpacking in relocation:

Packing is one crucial process while moving. therefore, Rapid packers providing our customers some tips and guides for packing which makes unpacking easy. As both as directly dependent on each other, if packing is disciplined done then unpacking will not be challenging.
Same item pack together: first Organizing items, same item in the same box, room items, functioning items like that classify items. clothing box, kitchen items, toolbox, heavy item, decor box, and so on. Always put the heaviest object first then the rest of the thing above it.
Box safety: layered up the packing boxes with some safety sheets. Like bubble wrapper etc. try not to but object to the brim of the box, it going to save the box from any damage and prevent it to be so heavy to carry.

Labeling box:

Whatever the box is carrying you need to label it any name and label it by item.

Essential’s box:

Through the traveling and destination must be needing some of the tools and other essential items to meet unpacking and setting home or office. Like hammer, screwdriver, first-aid kit, a cloth change, eatable, and toothbrush. So, there must be all possible requiring items available there to keep going the moving process smoothly.

Room by room packing:

To avoid Hessel or too much item will jumble around, go through a plain. Start pack room by room. It will help you to do packing fast. One important step is to take inventory of notes while packing room by room. This will make you able to track valuable goods.
Try combine packing of the item on the base of function like kitchen item to be in one box.
The item needs to classify carefully and pack accordingly. Separate good by room first and later by purpose.

Organizational gizmos:

Organizational tools in-house like baskets, laundry baskets, plant pots, or shoe bins can be used in holding items. Because they are having much storage space so let it be wasted.

Sensitive items:

The sensitive item should pack in a special way to keep them as it is while moving and transportation.

Density maximizes by combining items while boxing:

• Set the bottom of the box upright and tape it as extra care. This you will reduce maximum possible misstep
• Anchoring item place in the bottom of the box.
• Wrapping material must add, take safety measures.
• Wrap sensitive objects or fragile inside organizational tools.
• You need to take extra care of lamps, electronics, and dishes.
• Pack everything enough tightly so they can’t tab with each other. But take good care, not to squash items.
Packing the same items together going to make your unpacking much easier. While unpacking you are going to be so helped by labels and inventory notes.

Packing your truck:

While packing a van or truck you need to keep immediately using the item on top so don’t face difficulty. If you are hiring a moving company, do clear labeling for their proper guidance. Otherwise, if you are driving in your van you need to load your immediate requiring thing in last, so don’t need to unload the whole van.
Remember, now safety all depends on how you pack the van. While loading the van do the same as you did in boxing. Heavy item boxes to the bottom, blanket or clothing boxes in middle to keep safe from striking each other, delicates on top and then immediate using objects.


Unpacking is a bit pleasant packing process. You need to go systematically to keep it manageable.

Rapid movers provide tips for unpacking:

Assemble and sort items as you take out them from the box right away.
Keep cloth items together to assemble the cupboard. When you unpacking clothing directly place it in the cupboard this way you can easily get rid of one task. you can use organizational tools to sort and organize items while unpacking.

Wash items

If items are required to be a wash, wash them right away to end up completely with the task.
Hopefully, rapid packer and mover’s packing and unpacking guide prove helpful for our customers. We are serving all over UAE like in Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, Sharjah, and Ajman. We would always welcome you to avail of any of our services.

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