Privacy Policy

In this era of the modern age, everyone is concerned about their personal information about which ways those are being used. On this platform, we are going to mention each and everything in a great manner that how your personal information is being handled when you are connected to us and use our movers and packers services.

Our policy will describe that how your personal data is secured in our premises and one can give us further suggestions as well to improve, you are free to contact us.


This platform allows the end-user to create an account to enjoy Rapid movers and packers’ services in UAE. In such an account, they have to insert the personal information from which their account is identified like Name, last name, contact numbers, specific id, etc.


Many people are familiar with this term. These are the small files that contain the browsing history of yours which you have surveyed on-site by using various services or in search of it. No matter which device you are using, cookies get stored on your device.


It refers to the mean by which you have opened the portal of Rapid movers and packers and using our services. It could be your cell phone, computer, laptop, tablet, etc.

Social Media Service

Now at this time, it’s a basic need that everyone must stay connected with the world by using social media or by some other means. Our portal also allows the user to get connected or signup at our website by using social media platforms. They have already signed up on such platforms. We are connected to those as well.


To signup on our platform, the user has to insert the following personal information….

  • First name & last name
  • Contact number
  • Email address
  • A complete address including State


Such data is automatically collected when a user tries to connect to our platform. It includes the IP information and other info like browser details, version, pages you visited on our website, time and date of your visit, total time which you have spent on the website, services which you are looking for. The same goes for when you get connected by using your cell phone device.


The basic reason behind the storage of client’s information is basically to track the usage of one on our website. When we collect your information, it is to manage your account for the services you are looking for. Once you get registered, our basic motto is to serve you with the best possible services and functionalities.

It contains your contact information as well because we may have to contact you for the parcel you have booked to a destination. Moreover, we also use that info to send you the latest updates, news, and information regarding our packages and services. Your feedback is so valuable to us when you are registered with us, it is more important to us to reconcile your suggestion/advice for the betterment of our services. If there is a need to share your information with any third party, we will not and we cannot share it without your consent.

The reason behind it is that our users may feel safe while browsing and registering themselves on our platform. We want to assure them that their information is safe and secure on this digital platform.


We may share your personal information with the law enforcement agencies if required by them on some conditions.


We are interconnected to many other websites and platforms. So, when you click on their links you are directed to their platform. We are not bound to secure your information on those platforms.


Each and everyone in this world is not perfect. We are time open to positive feedback regarding our services, responsibilities, and privacy policy.